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Company Overview

Australian Nature Dairy has been operating for roughly five years and is beginning its transition into the international stage. Founded in 2008, Australian Nature Dairy began as a small operation in the domestic market. However strong sales performance yielded better than expected results, and so, in light of the recent upheavals and strong demand by the international market, Australian Nature Dairy made the tactical decision to expand operations to other countries. Australian Nature Dairy was founded with two simple core values in mind; 

Australian Nature Dairy works in partnership with one of the leading milk producing manufacturers in Australia, who have over thirty years’ experience in the dairy industry. The factory has stringent quality control measures in place to ensure the integrity of the milk powder produced is of only the highest grade. Australian Nature Dairy adheres to all international and national guidelines relating to food safety procedures with manufacturing equipment built to pharmaceutical standards. Our factory is certified by the “AQIS” Australian Quarantine Inspections Services, Dairy Food Safety Victoria and HACCP accredited by SAI Global to name a few. Independent testing is carried out by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Services and all of our dairy ingredients are sourced from accredited dairy ingredient producers in Australia. 


Production Facilities

Australian Nature Dairy's manufacture is one of only four manufactures of Infant Formula in Australia and pleased to offer existing Australian Brands and also  "OEM" branded Australian Infant Formula to international clients.


Our factory is capable of producing up to 30 000 tins a day and comes in a variety of packaging options including tins (400g and 900g), foiled pouches (200g—1kg) and 25kg lined paper bags. We have the ability to tailor make infant formula and milk powder to our customer’s exact specifications and have a design team which is able to create graphics relating to Australian themes if so desired.


Our Guarantee

As a company we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer services and quality and continually strive to improve as a company, in order to ensure we offer our client only the highest standard possible. With years of experience and expertise and a guarantee to quality, we work with our partners to achieve a brighter future.






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