Baby Milk Powder

There is no real substitute for mother’s milk. It contains the complete nutrients that babies need for their first six months of life. It is easy to digest, pure and clean. Most importantly, it contains antibodies that can protect babies from infection.  However, some mothers either cannot breastfeed or choose not to. Baby milk powder is the next best thing. Research has come a long way to provide the safest baby formula.    

Baby milk powder provides the nutrition that babies need in the absence of mother’s milk. There are many powdered milk brands available on the market today. Each contains basic nutrients and additional components to boost infant health. With this, parents should seek advice from their doctors in order to find the most suitable brand and formula. At present, there are three major types of baby formula. They include milk-based formula, soy-based formula and hydrolyzed protein formula.   

Parents should know that each type of milk has a different effect on their baby’s body. They should be cautious when they switch to any of them. Manufacturers ensure that they modify the milk-based formulas to make them resemble breast milk. They adjust components like carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They also add vitamins and minerals. From birth up to one year of age, babies may take first stage formula. It contains components that are almost identical to those found in mother’s milk. After they are a year old, parents can switch to second-stage formula. This takes longer to digest, and it keeps up with the baby’s growing demands for food and nutrition.  

Soy-based formula is not recommended for babies. Health professionals say that soy and milk-based formulas contain components that cause allergic reactions. This kind of baby milk can also lead to tooth damage and colic. Hydrolyzed-protein formula is specially created for babies with known intolerance issues and allergies. Protein often causes allergic reactions in babies. Fortunately, parents no longer have to worry about these problems with hydrolyzed-protein formula.  

Parents should only use baby milk powder that is recommended by healthcare professionals. Buying the wrong kind of milk can compromise a baby’s health. Many milk brands come cheap, but they do not offer the best quality nutrition. Parents should not settle for anything less when it comes to baby formula.   

Proper milk preparation is equally important. Even the best quality milk can make babies sick if hygienic preparation is not observed. Parents should practice the safest methods to clean milk bottles and sterilize and mix milk. Milk is very sensitive to temperature and contaminants.   

Baby milk powder prices vary. However, the price of milk does not determine if it is safe for a baby to consume. Before switching to any milk brand, parents should ask for professional approval. They should also watch their baby’s reaction to milk intake. Allergies and intolerance should never be ignored. This may lead to a more serious problem. Parents should do away with the old belief that babies can get used to a certain formula over time. 





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